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Behind the scenes at Swiss Chalet

Duh-licious went behind the scenes at Canadian-favorite, Swiss Chalet.

When I think of Swiss Chalet (c/o), I can’t help but think of warmth, comfort, and great food that is always consistent in its taste and presentation. Last Wednesday, when we were invited to the Swiss Chalet at Yonge and Gerrard, the same feelings came into play.

From the very beginning of the evening, we were welcomed in and the staff spoke to us like we had been friends our entire lives. We were told about the fry truck that was parked around the corner, giving out their signature fries that are unparalleled. After watching what we’ve been eating for the last month, these tasty morsels were delightful to us now more than ever. From there, our tour of the restaurant got started.

We learned more than ever about Swiss Chalet! We now have all of their yummy secrets, hidden away in the Duhlicious vault as we’ve been sworn to secrecy by the Swiss Chalet gods. After our tour through the kitchen, we were given the privilege of making the restaurant’s signature Chicken Spring Rolls. One of the coolest parts of the tour was seeing how their signature chicken is prepared and rotisserie-- admittedly, it was a little grotesque to  see a dozen of chickens impaled on stakes (and then taken for a spin in the oven), but this sight was over shadowed by the phenomenal smell of toasted chicken.

After making the appetizers and grand kitchen tour,  we sat down to a three-course meal that included, of course, the Chicken Spring Rolls, as well as the Garlic Cheese Loaf, the Dry Ribs and the Perogies. We stuffed ourselves completely full, but still had the main course to get to! We had the choice of everything on the menu and chose both the Quarter Chicken and 1/3 Rack BBQ Ribs Combo and the Sweet Heat Entrée Salad.

Both entrées were melt in your mouth delicious! The chicken and ribs lived up to and possibly exceeded the standard for quarter chicken and rib dinners that Swiss Chalet is so fondly known for serving. As for the Sweet Heat Salad, we were pleased with the medley that brought the dish together. With its mandarin orange slices, mixed lettuce, carrots, sweet corn, roasted red pepper strips and Lime Kiwi dressing, it was definitely complimented by the chicken glazed in Renee’s Tangy Thai sauce.

The next decision we had to make was dessert. At this point we were too stuffed to even consider the possibility, but we kept going forward and ordered the Classic Fudge Cake to go, which we enjoyed the next day on our lunch break.

All in all, it was a great experience to see behind the scenes at Swiss Chalet and learn just how much hard work and effort goes in to making these delicious meals. With
a staff that is passionate about the food and their guests, it’s easy to see what makes Swiss Chalet a number one pick. While the Chalet sauce may be the thing that drawsus to the restaurant, it’s the caring hospitality that will keep us there.


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  1. Colleen

    The sauce is SO good.

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